Speciality Gas

Speciality Gas

Due to our association with several large gas manufacturers, such as Matheson Tri-Gas™, we are able to provide an extensive range of pure and mixed speciality gases. These products are available in a variety of cylinder sizes including disposable cylinders with certificates of analysis/conformance. Availability of some products is dependant upon dangerous goods shipping schedules.

In order to obtain consistent results laboratories require gases that optimise instrument performance. Understanding the application is the key to providing the correct product. Calibration standards are widely used in industry therefore the need for accurate and precise standards is paramount to insure correct instrument calibration.

Working closely with these companies allows Southern Gas Services Ltd to provide the NZ market with products developed by world leaders in the speciality gas industry.

If you are wanting to order calibration gases please follow our online guidelines. Please note due to shipping restrictions some gases are not available via air freight.

Ordering a Calibration Gas

In order to aid you with ordering all of your calibration gases please use the following guidelines.

  1. Specify each component by chemical names, abbreviations or chemical symbols can lead to errors and should be avoided.
  2. Specify the concentration of each component in percentages, ppm or ppb. Gases are prepared on a mole percent unless otherwise specified by you the customer.
  3. Specify the level of certification required.
  4. Specify the blending tolerance.
  5. Specify the size and number of cylinders required or if unknown, specify the total volume in cubic meters you expect to consume.
  6. Identify any special mixture requirements you may have, such as a specific impurity analysis, maximum concentrations etc.
  7. Indicate the urgency of the gas mixture.

If you are having questions please contact us directly.