Food Chemistry


Nitrogen is an efficient cost-effective way to displace oxygen and moisture. Universities and industry now realise that on site nitrogen generation is ideally suited for the handling and packaging of food and food related products.

Laser Cutting


Having a lean and efficient shop has become vital for the success of any laser cutter. No other piece of equipment can provide you with more cost savings than your own on site gas generator. Our nitrogen generation systems have provided multiple laser cutting facilities with the market edge.

Wine Makers


Our on site nitrogen generation systems support several contract wine bottling facilities and one of Marlborough's largest wineries making fine wines under contract for well known labels.

Oil Industry Application (Floating Oil Platform)


Our nitrogen generation unit was chosen for its unsurpassed reliability and durability in the field as it will be working in one of the harshest environments the world. This system was manufactured to meet particular customer specifications, especially with respect to being explosion proof, yet simple enough for the crew on board to service, due to the very remote installation location.



Our on site nitrogen generators support research facilities work, work which underpins the Health and Justice systems within New Zealand. They provide a range of scientific solutions for both Governmental and commercial organisations throughout New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region, utilising pure nitrogen for LCMS and inerting applications.

Gold Mining


An onsite gas system was recently chosen to support a large western Australian gold mine. Due to the low power requirements and ease of operation onsite gas generation was chosen over labour and resource intensive liquid production. Minimal storage is required as gas can be produce on demand.