Oxygen Generation


Our ONSITE Oxygen Generators are a rugged design ideally suited for commercial and industrial use. Like our nitrogen generators they have been used for decades by our customers. These systems are capable of producing 93 to 99.2% purity oxygen using PSA technology and have met the needs of a wide variety of industries from Gold mining to Waste Water treatment.

How it works: The air we breathe contains approximately 21% oxygen, with the rest being mostly nitrogen. Compressed air is filtered, and sent into a bed containing zeolite sieves. As the air is forced through the zeolite, the nitrogen molecules are adsorbed while the oxygen molecules pass through to be stored and used. The beds eventually load up with nitrogen, so they must be flushed periodically. Two beds are cycled to load and unload the zeolite, producing a continuous stream of oxygen up to 95% pure. The 99% oxygen generator is a multi-stage system that starts with 95% oxygen generator. The 95% oxygen is then processed through a second set of sieve beds and then onto an oxygen booster in the final stage. The high purity oxygen (99%) is then stored in a vessel at the desired pressure. With the proper filter element maintenance, the zeolite will last indefinitely.

Please contact us for a quotation on a customised Oxygen gas system for your application.