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Southern Gas Services Ltd has a complete range of gases for both the hospitality and food industries.

Pure gases include: Food grade Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen and Oxygen available in a variety of high pressure gas cylinders, Pallets (16 cylinder pallets) and bulk liquid Dewars.

Along with the pure gases Southern Gas has developed a specialised range of multi-component gas mixtures specifically manufactured for the beverage industry. These include the CarboNit™ (Carbon dioxide/Nitrogen mixtures v/v) and NitroCarb™ (Nitrogen/Carbon dioxide mixtures v/v) range of products.

SGSL Beverage Gas Guide

Gas Type Cylinders Available Max Fill Pressure (Bar) Contents
(nominal m3 )
Composition Use
Food Grade Argon G 200 10 100% Argon Primarily used for dispensing wine
F 200 5
D 200 2
Food Grade CO2 G 50 33 100% CO2 Carbonation of soft drinks or post mix and for pressure dispensing bulk beer and cider
F 50 17
D 50 6.8
Carbonit® 80 G 100 11

80% CO2
20% N2

Used to dispense draught beers and where beer wastage is an issue
D 100 2.5
Carbonit® 60 G 100 11 60% CO2
40% N2
Used to dispense Murphy’s Stout when kept at ambient temperatures
D 100 2.5
Nitrocarb® 80 G 200 8.5 80% N2
20% CO2
Used for dispensing Guinness, Stout or Kilkenny Ale when kegs are kept cold. Can also be used to create a light “fizz” or “spritzer” effect for wine and fruit juices.
D 200 2.5
Nitrocarb® 70 G 200 8.5 70% N2
30% CO2
Primarily used for dispensing Guinness, Stout or Kilkenny Ale when kegs are kept at ambient temperatures. Can also be used for Murphy’s Stout when the keg is kept cold.
D 200 2.5
Food Grade N2 G 200 8.5 100% N2 Used in conjunction with CO2 for beer dispensing.
F 200 4.0
D 200 2.0