Liquid Argon: UHP liquid Argon > 99.9995% is available in various Dewar sizes (check availability). Ownership Dewar’s can be filled directly or alternatively a limited variety lease Dewar’s are on offer.

Liquid Carbon Dioxide: HP liquid Carbon dioxide >99.99% is available in siphon tube high pressure cylinders or as refrigerated liquid in Dewars.

Liquid Helium: UHP liquid Helium >99.999% is only available in lease Dewars, however these are at very competitive pricing schedules. Shipments can be made weekly, although these are dependant upon the provision of sufficient advance booking time.

Liquid Nitrogen: Liquid Nitrogen is available in several grades tailored to customer requirements.

  • Standard Grade 99.9% is primarily used for freezing/refrigerating can be delivered and trans-filled into customers owned or leased Dewars.
  • UHP liquid Nitrogen >99.999% deliveries can be made daily and as with liquid Argon, Nitrogen can be filled into customer Dewars or a selection of lease Dewars.

Liquid Oxygen: Liquid Oxygen >99.6% is available as per liquid nitrogen although can only be filled into oxygen approved Dewars.